I’m Frankie. Most people know me as Fran (which I hate but accept) or Francesca. I dislike writing my name because people can’t say it. “Fran – sess – kah” is the usual butchering but some choose to ignore the last two letters altogether (which is upsetting to me on a deeper level). For the record, it’s pronounced “Fran-ches-kah”. A “c” followed by an “e” in Italian is always a “ch” sound.

My Nonna used to call me “Frania”, My sister calls me “Frank”, my friends and family usually go with “Franny”.

This blog is my safe space. I can say what I’m thinking and just unload. I’m not in it for fame or popularity, I’m here to just be me. Unfortunately, I am an offensive human. I swear too much and I say what’s on my mind. If you’ve stumbled across this and you’re easily offended, do yourself a favour and move along.

I’m a human, first and foremost, which makes me flawed as hell. I’m a dreamer, an artist, a wife, a mother, a sister, an aunt, a daughter, a liquor store manager, a friend, a confidant and a dickhead. I laugh loudly, love wholeheartedly and give generously. I am me and I make no apologies.